Where does your paycheck really go?

Every payday we send your money to all the right places, automatically.

This makes it easy to see what’s left for spending.

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How It works

Take 3 Simple Steps Toward Financial Freedom:

Create short-term savings goals. Save for emergencies, home or car repairs, or a specific goal you have in mind.

Pay bills on time—right when you get paid. Automatic bill pay takes the guesswork out of finances.

Enjoy spending what you earned. No more worrying.

DoubleNet Pay Makes Your
Money Work Smarter:

  • Start saving   towards short-term goals.
  • Get bills out of the way on payday. No more financial guesswork.
  • Pay down  high interest debt.

Your Money is Safe with Us.

We keep your funds safe.

We create a special purpose account for each user with the Central Bank of Kansas City, Member FDIC.

We provide Enterprise-Level Security.

Our system has passed security audits with major payroll providers, Fortune 500 employers, and consulting firms.

We guard your privacy and security – 24/7.

DNP & our hosting partners have completed SOC2 Type ll compliance audits to keep your account private, safe, and secure at all times.