Employees make important financial decisions at work, such as choosing health care, life insurance, and how much to save for retirement.

Emergency SavingsAt the same time, they are busy juggling multiple priorities – making it difficult for many employees to manage their day-to-day personal finances.

DoubleNet Pay helps employees gain a solid financial foundation allowing them to better utilize other benefits and solutions to deliver long term financial security.  We serve up right benefit at the right time to deliver maximum relevance and impact

Life Simplified

DoubleNet Pay takes the stress out of managing your day-to-day finances. The easy-to-use app automatically tracks and pays bills and sets aside savings based on personal goals.

Setting up is as easy as flipping a switch

DoubleNet Pay is fully integrated with your platform, adhering to all banking and consumer privacy rules and standards. It’s safe, simple, secure – 100% hassle free for you and your workforce.

Need help or have a question?

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