What Makes DoubleNet Pay a Trusted Partner?

We built DoubleNet Pay as a enterprise-level software engine to help users attain better financial outcomes.  Our application automatically executes financial best practices: savings, spending and debt management, and once a goal is completed, the user is moved to their next optimal step.

Our secure plug and play application was designed with flexibility to accommodate our partners methodologies and multiple integration points to deliver the right solution at the right time for our users.

The result is a simple and clear user journey that reduces confusion and delivers the desired outcomes for our partners and their customers.



Enterprise-Level Security

We have passed vendor security assessments with multiple Fortune 500 employers, payroll providers, and record-keepers.  Partner security teams appreciate our third-party SOC-2 Type II audit report.


Offer a fully integrated experience with our easy to implement APIs.  We are partner friendly and require little to no customization to get set up. 

Device Agnostic

DoubleNet Pay is designed with flexibility in mind, our application is designed to be available on any device at any time. We support, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile applications as well as all tablets and browsers.

Financial Providers/Services

Our framework was designed with partner flexibility in mind. We have multiple existing banking partner options or can integrate with a partner of your choosing.

User Experience

DoubleNet Pay can support a variety of integration and workflow solutions.  From a simple SSO link out to our website to a fully integrated experience within your existing framework. 

Let DoubleNet Pay Take Your Financial Wellness Strategy to the Next Level

Contact us today to learn how DoubleNet Pay can provide your clients with a customized, actionable financial wellness solution that delivers results.

To learn more, call us at: 1-866-630-8732